If You Have A Pickup Truck And Some Spare Time Each Week, Then I Guarantee I Will Show You How To Make Good Money Being Your Own Boss!

How To Make Money

With Your Truck


There are dozens and dozens of ways to make money with your truck... 

no matter what kind of truck you have...


there's little or no experience needed!

"More time with the family is maybe the ultimate benefit"

Jared Brewer
Thomson, Illinois
Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dear Friend,

In this letter I'm going to reveal how YOU can make money with your truck, be your own boss, and achieve financial stability in these uncertain economic times.

Sound good? Then let's get on with it...

First, before we get into everything, I want to cover the three (3) BIG LIES most people tell themselves that hold them back from starting their own little side business:

BIG LIE #1: My job isn't going anywhere, it survived the last recession and it will survive the next.

The problem with this is the fact that you can't really count on anything these days. Even commodities took a beating in the last recession, which means that you were probably just lucky and your boss or CEO most likely took steps to stave off disaster. However, do you really want to leave your fate and the fate of your family to the decisions of one man at the top?

BIG LIE #2: I just don't have the time to get into any kind of a business venture.

How many hours per week do you work? The national average is between 37 and 55. Each week has 168 hours, so, when you subtract 55, you get 113. You need roughly 5 hours per day (35 per week) to rest and for meals, and 8 good hours (56 per week) to sleep, leaving you with 22 hours.

Let's even throw in a full hour per day for watching your favorite TV show, and you get 15 hours. Now, 15 hours times $10 per hour, just with a part time job will give you an extra $150 per week. When you multiply that towards a full year, that's an extra $7,800 in your pocket.

But you don't want a part-time job, you actually want to own the business, which could bring in far more than just that! Imagine if you profited $500 per week from your growing truck business. That's easy if you can follow simple directions... and... you would be bankrolling $26,000 per year.

And that's with only 15 hours per week!

When you consider what you could do with a full 40 hours per week, the implications are rather obvious...

Financial Stability And Success

On Your Own Terms!

BIG LIE #3: Life is too hard right now. I just have too much going on.

Granted, life can be overwhelming at times. Yet, this is no excuse. Did you know that there were several major businesses that were started during the hardships of the Great Depression? Some of the most well known are Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, IBM, and United Technologies Corporation.

This was during one of the worst economic downfalls in history and we are now reading their stock ticker as it scrolls across the CNN Business screen. Sure, life can be hard, but zoning out in front of a TV for the American-average of 4 hours a day will not get the job done.

Turn off that TV, and grab life by the horns! The choice is yours, if you want. Yes...

You CAN Make Money With Your Truck!

Hi, my name is Jared Brewer and I'm the General Manager of Powerful Living. I founded this company to provide people with unique products and information created specifically for living and surviving in hard times.

Recently, I came upon a book that opened my eyes to the massive potential for people with pickup trucks to make good money. I was so fascinated with this book, I decided to acquire the rights to it. It's titled, simply enough:


The book contains dozens and dozens of examples of little side businesses you can start with your truck... and... step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Also, we are going to give you interesting and helpful tips and pointers on how to turn profits in ways and places you never even knew existed.

What's great is, there's an opportunity here for nearly everyone, whether...

  • You just want to work a few extra hours a week with your truck and supplement your current income... or...
  • You're unemployed and have lots of time to devote to a new venture... or...
  • You're ready to step up and become a true, self-sufficient entrepreneur and build a rather large enterprise that can make you a millionaire.

And, even if you don't have a truck right now, we show what kind to buy that will still offer you a means of regular transportation and a way to make cash.

Also, it doesn't matter where you live. Urban, suburban or rural... there are all kinds of businesses you can start with your truck in each area.

This book is not a "motivational" book. Not at all. It's a "how-to" book that gives the best, proven ways to turn your pickup truck into a machine you can live on.

The various advantages of making money from your truck are enormous, especially considering the fact that a truck is a utility vehicle. When things get bad, and the economy collapses yet again, the people trying to make money through stocks, bonds, and other financial tools are going to lose big.

However, it is the people harvesting raw materials, and living off the land that will be able to weather the storm.

Now, you may not have a very big property, as most do not... but... you can prudently position yourself in such a way that your services will be a critical asset to the ones who will still be in business when the "inflation monster" begins gobbling up the economy.

Everyone has something to haul, or stumps to pull, or crops to deliver.

So, if you take a lesson from the "how-to's" in this book, you might find yourself in a far better financial situation a short time from now, due to your business's success.

Who knows, YOU might be the one employing people from your own community, when other corporations are laying them off.

Whatever the case may be, this book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to start making money with your truck as fast as humanly possible. Here's a small sample of what you'll discover in each chapter...

CHAPTER 1: How To Choose The Right Truck

  • Why you want your truck to be as barebones as possible.... Page 9
  • The one "creature comfort" your truck must have... Page 9
  • How to determine (if you have the choice) whether your truck should have an automatic or manual transmission. (There are positives and negatives to both types... and... your decision will depend upon a variety of factors.)... Page 9
  • How to determine the amount of horsepower your truck should have. (If you already have a truck, don't worry, there are many money-making opportunities you can take advantage of regardless of power output... a lot or a little.)... Pages 9-10
  • A quick tip for buying the best brand of truck... Page 11

CHAPTER 2: Your Area: Who Needs You?

  • The most important decision you need to make about your new truck business. (Get this wrong and you're "dead in the water" before you ever get started.)... Page 13
  • The pros and cons of working in densely-populated urban centers... Pages 13-15
  • The pros and cons of working in suburban areas... Pages 15-16
  • The pros and cons of working in rural areas... Pages 16-17

CHAPTER 3: Truck Business Basic Operation: Why You Need An Office

  • The most important thing you need to know (and remember) about being employed versus running your own business... Page 18
  • 2 reasons why—if you work from home—you will want to keep your office roped off from your living space. (Also, 4 must-know productivity secrets of the self-employed.)... Pages 18-19
  • 5 must-have pieces of office equipment you will need... Pages 20-21
  • A simple, yet ultra-important tool you need to keep yourself organized, productive and profitable... Page 21

CHAPTER 4: The Bread and Butter: How To Get The Wheels Turning

  • An important principle you must understand about getting customers. (This is especially true when you are first starting out.)... Page 22
  • One of the easiest, fastest, cheapest and best ways to get customers if you operate your business in an urban area... Page 22
  • The "Social Center Principle" for maximizing your advertising dollars... Pages 22-23
  • How to come up with an attention-grabbing business name... Page 24
  • How to create effective, customer-producing flyers and business cards. (This is easy once you know how.)... Pages 23-25
  • 3 low-cost, yet effective places to advertise your truck business. (One of these is totally free, but, might not give you the volume of customers you need by itself.)... Pages 25-26
  • How to advertise your truck business for free... almost. (There is a small initial investment, but it's not much... and... after that, you do nothing else.)... Page 26

CHAPTER 5: Uncle Sam And Dr. Murphy

  • The two BIGGEST problems you will face in your truck business... Page 28
  • How to safeguard your personal assets (house, car, savings, etc.) from lawsuits. (This is critical information every business owner must have.)... Pages 28-29
  • 2 reasons why you absolutely must have excellent health insurance... Page 30
  • Why you need to check out and know your local zoning laws before setting up your business... Page 30
  • 3 mechanical skills you need to master that will save you a lot of money in your truck business over the years. (Almost anyone can perform these skills with a handful of tools and a little instruction.)... Pages 31-32
  • 11 miscellaneous supplies you should carry in your truck at all times... Pages 32-33

CHAPTER 6: The Small Haul: Moving Furniture, Equipment Or Whatever

  • 2 great advantages this type of truck business has over all others. (If you live in or near an urban area, this may be just the ticket for you.)... Page 34​​​​
  • The most common mistake people make when going into this truck business... and... how to avoid it... Page 34
  • How to set up your truck for this business... and... one thing your truck should never have on it... Page 35
  • 10 pieces of equipment you will need to set yourself apart as a professional hauling business... versus... folks who are just hauling neighbor's stuff... Pages 35-37
  • How to create a solid business plan and run this type of business effectively. (This section covers things like: how much to charge, what an average transaction looks like and more.)... Pages 37-38

CHAPTER 7: The Truck Bed General Store (Or Hotdog Stand)

  • Why and how this business ensures a near constant stream of customers... thus nearly eliminating the need to advertise... Page 39
  • One of the biggest advantages of this type of truck business over all others... Page 39
  • 8 unique types of businesses you can run from the bed of your truck... Pages 39-40
  • 3 dangers you face in this business... and... how you can avoid or minimize their impact... Pages 40-41
  • 2 ways to outgun your competition if you decide to run a hotdog stand from the bed of your truck... Page 41
  • 2 keys to being successful in an urban center with this type of truck business... Page 42
  • The best type of truck for this business. (If you don't already have this type of truck, don't worry, you can modify yours to meet the needs of this business.)... Page 42
  • The best ways to find high-quality, inexpensive inventory for this business. (This is key information if you want to succeed both short-term... and... long-term.)... Pages 42-43
  • 2 BIG advantages of running this type of business versus a brick and mortar store... Page 43

CHAPTER 8: The Go-4 Courier (Urban Center Delivery)

  • 4 amazing benefits of this type of truck business. (One of these benefits is there is absolutely no shortage of work for you to do.)... Page 44
  • What makes this business extremely profitable... Page 45
  • The best way to charge for your services. (This makes your business more attractive than larger delivery services... and... gives you a HUGE competitive advantage.)... Page 45
  • How to get high-paying clients. (Unlike, for example, a stump pulling service, you may need to be a little more professional in appearance and behavior for this truck business. It's easy once you know how.)... Page 46
  • The top two things you want in your truck for this business... Page 47
  • 7 essential supplies you'll need for this business... Page 47

CHAPTER 9: The Mobile Billboard

  • Why this may be the easiest truck business of all... Page 49
  • 3 proven—and quite easy—ways to get new clients for this venture... Page 50
  • How to modify your truck for this business... Pages 50-51
  • How to create a contract to generate maximum profits in this business. (This is important, because, when done right, you'll lock-in your profits before you ever do any work.)... Page 51
  • 2 ways to expand this business into a mini-empire so you can really rake in the cash... Page 51
  • How to increase client satisfaction and encourage repeat business... Page 52

CHAPTER 10: Mobile Backyard Farm Supply Company

  • 4 basic ways you can profit with this business... Page 53
  • How to actually get paid to advertise your service. (This is an easy, ingenious way to bump up your profits considerably... but... there's one danger you must avoid at all costs if you decide to go this route.)... Page 54
  • 4 simple, yet insanely-profitable additional revenue streams you can add to this business... Pages 54-56
  • How to determine how much you should charge for your services... Pages 54-55
  • A sample day showing how much you can earn... and... why this business is so lucrative... Pages 56-57
  • 3 reasons why you may not want to start and run this type of truck business... Page 57

CHAPTER 11: The Front Yard Landscaper
(Part 1)

  • The basic way to profit with this business... Page 59
  • How to outfit your truck to handle the daily duties of this business... Page 59
  • THow to pick the right type of lawnmower. (There are 3 choices here... and... picking the right mower for your situation is absolutely crucial. Also, there are two other inexpensive pieces of equipment you must have.)... Pages 59-60
  • 2 very important things to keep in mind concerning carrying and using gasoline... Page 60
  • Miscellaneous additional supplies you need to have on hand... Page 60
  • A highly-lucrative, additional revenue stream you may want to add to this business. (This only requires you to add a few relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment.)... Page 61
  • How to determine your pricing structure... Page 61
  • What a typical day during the height of spring will look like... from a work and profit point-of-view... Page 62

CHAPTER 12: The Front Yard Landscaper (Part 2)

  • The first and most important investment you need to make for this truck business. (This is ultra-important because you will be working in the fall and winter.)... Page 63
  • The additional truck specs you will need for the colder seasons... Page 64
  • 2 ways you will profit from this business... Pages 65-66
  • The second most important investment you need to make for this truck business... Page 66
  • A sample payout day for this business. (If the weather cooperates, you can expect some rather large paydays in short periods of time. Whatever the case, one profit center in this business is rock-solid year after year after year.)... Pages 66-67

CHAPTER 13: The Rolling Barbeque

  • Why this truck business is highly-lucrative... but also... carries a higher degree of risk. (After you get the facts, you'll know whether this business is right for you or not.)... Page 69
  • What you need truck-wise for this business... Page 69
  • How to build the necessary gear you will need in this business. (It's relatively easy and if you can't do it yourself, it's not hard to find someone to do it for you. Also, this is important information, because, failure to follow proper guidelines can get you in a lot of hot water, fast!)... Pages 69-70
  • How to get wholesale pricing on your food inventory. (This is important information too, because, this impacts your bottom-line. Pay too much, and you may find yourself with very little profit at the end of the day.)... Page 70
  • The very best way in the world to advertise this business. (What's great is, it's passive, meaning, once you set this up, you don't have to do anything else.)... Page 70
  • Quick and easy ways to get your charcoal and other smaller supplies you need...Page 71
  • How to get paid upfront so you minimize your risk and maximize your profits... Page 71

CHAPTER 14: The Vending Machine Collector

  • 3 reasons why this truck business is one of the most preferred ways to start making money on your own... Page 73
  • How to get into this business with minimal cost and risk. (Many beginners make the mistake of buying an existing vending business... but... for most, it's much better to start slowly and build up.)... Page 73
  • The first, most critical thing you must always do before ever buying a machine (or additional machines)... Pages 73-74
  • How to avoid vending machine business scams... Page 74
  • 3 excellent sources for inexpensive machines... Page 74
  • The truck specs and gear you will need for this business. (It's probably much less than you think.)... Page 75
  • How to make sure you will make a profit with your machine (or machines)... Page 75
  • What you need to know about maintaining and stocking the machines... Pages 75-76
  • 4 ways to protect your machines from theft and vandalism... Page 76
  • The best way to maximize your profits in your vending machine business... Page 77

CHAPTER 15: The Roadside Farmers Market

  • The absolute first thing you must do in this truck business. (This will help ensure you make more money per product unit than your grocery store competitors.)... Page 78
  • 4 simple steps to starting this business... Page 79
  • Why you may want to have a diesel truck for this business. (It's not mandatory, but, in some cases, it can save you quite a bit of money over time.)... Page 79
  • Why you should almost never buy a roadside stand for this business... Page 79
  • 4 advantages you will have over grocery store competitors... Pages 80-81
  • The make or break factor that determines how many customers you will get... Page 81
  • 2 tips for selecting the best-selling produce... and... 13 must-have items you should have plenty of at all times... Pages 81-82
  • How to bump your profits from 30% to 90% per unit sold. (There are a couple of drawbacks... but... if you can overcome them, you can really rake in the cash.)... Page 82

CHAPTER 16: The FTV (Fun Terrain Vehicle) Business

  • The 3-step simplicity of running this business... Pages 83-84
  • The two greatest assets your truck can have for this type of business... Page 84
  • The five types of gear you will need for this business. (Not all are mandatory, though.)... Pages 84-85
  • The five best brands of ATVs to use in this business... Page 85
  • Why you may want to add some Dune Buggies to your fleet of ATVs... Page 85
  • Why you will have a competitive advantage over less expensive ATV rental businesses... Page 86
  • How to protect yourself legally in this business... Page 86
  • How to protect your inventory (ATVs) just like rental car companies do... Pages 86-87
  • How to ensure you get maximum dollars per rental out of every transaction... and... a sample of how much you can expect to earn. (Hint: You can make some serious cash in this business.)... Page 87

CHAPTER 17: The Short Haul (Heavy Equipment Rental) Business

  • What sets this business apart from other truck businesses and makes it very profitable and appealing... Page 90
  • Why you need a heavy duty truck and flatbed trailer for this business... Page 90
  • The 4 most common types of equipment you need to have in stock. (This may vary a little depending on where you are located in the country.)... Page 91
  • A simple and predictable way to turn a buck year after year with this business... Page 91
  • How to protect yourself legally. (This business requires some extra precaution because it carries an inherently large amount of financial and legal risk.)... Page 91
  • Why you want to diversify the equipment you rent and tailor it to your area... Page 92
  • The very best way to acquire secure, repeat customers. (This is the life-blood of this business and the key to steady growth and larger profits.)... Page 93

CHAPTER 18: The Long Haul... of Very Large Things

  • 3 important skills you need to refine for this business... Page 94
  • The type of truck you will need for this business. (You will also need three types of hitches to give you maximum versatility and profitability.)... Page 95
  • The 4 types of navigational aids you should have in your truck... and... a fifth "creature comfort" item that will help pass the time on long drives... Page 96
  • Why you should never cover the costs of lodging and food personally. (There are two ways to avoid this trap.)... Page 96
  • The best way to acquire jobs from Industrial Clients... Page 96
  • The best way to acquire jobs from Private Clients... Page 97
  • The ins and outs of paperwork and licensing. (There's one thing you must have every time, for every job.)... Page 97

CHAPTER 19: What To Do If You Find Yourself Succeeding

  • 4 important points to keep in mind if you decide to hire employees... Page 99
  • 4 benefits—and one drawback—of hiring independent contractors versus employees... Page 100
  • Why you want to use extreme caution if you decide to take out a bank loan to grow your business. (There's a much better, that is, much safer way to expand.)... Page 100
  • The best way to protect your growing company (legally and financially)... Page 100
  • The proven, well-worn path most millionaire business owners take... Page 101

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